Room Details

Most rooms in the church, size and capacity as detailed opposite, are available for public hire, either one-offs or on a regular basis.

The present charges, from the 1st January 2013, are available from the church administrator whose contact details are in the right sidebar

Wi-Fi available  

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Room size in metres: 17 x 22
Capacity: 250
Room 1
Room size in metres: 9 x 7
Capacity: 40 
Room 2
Room size in metres: 11 x 6.5
Capacity: 50 
Room 3
Room size in metres: 7 x 7
Capacity: 15 
Small Hall
Room size in metres: 12 x 8
Capacity: 80 
Main Kitchen
adjoining small hall
Sports Hall
Room size in metres: 17 x 9
Capacity: 200 
Coffee Bar
adjoining sports hall

Room Hire

To book a room at

Saltash Wesley Methodist Church

phone the church administrator, Joanna Couch on

01752 845177

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

0900 - 1300

Or complete a room hire enquiry form by clicking on the following link:-

Room Hire Enquiry Form